Birthday Gifts for 30-Year-Old Women

Written by sylvia branch | 13/05/2017
Birthday Gifts for 30-Year-Old Women
Celebrate 30 years with a special gift for the birthday girl. (birthday cup image by David G from

A woman's 30th birthday is a turning point in their life. Turning 30 often occurs amid a flurry of responsibilities in her life. Stop time for a moment and celebrate her life with a creative gift from the heart.

Exciting 30th Birthday Gift Ideas

The birthday girl is most likely a busy woman, pursuing her career, raising a family or trying to reach goals. Give her some adreneline-pumping fun by taking her on an exciting 30th birthday adventure. Sign up for parachuting, bungee jumping or a white-water rafting trip. Make this an all-girls weekend and invite her favourite gal pals to join in the fun.

Relaxing 30th Birthday Gift Ideas

Let the birthday girl relax at the spa. Sign her up for a total pampering experience, massage, manicure, pedicure and facial. Give the package with a new cosy robe and slippers and a favourite magazine subscription or book. Or whisk her away to a cabin in the woods or a snazzy hotel, depending on her tastes. Sometimes giving a woman uninterrupted time, with a loved one or alone, is the most valuable 30th birthday present of all.

Funny 30th Birthday Gift Ideas

Give 30 of something. Try 30 of her favourite flowers, 30 bottles of nail polish, 30 pairs of funny socks or 30 pieces of decadent candy. Or, have an artist draw her caricature. Give the artist photos and information about what the 30th birthday girl likes to do, or dreams of doing someday. Ask the artist to draw a funny, yet flattering image that you can frame and present.

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