Kids Wet Weather Activities

Written by melissa cooper
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Kids Wet Weather Activities
Keeping kids busy when the weather is wet isn't too difficult. (playing children image by Marzanna Syncerz from

It's raining, it's pouring, but there's no chance that the kids plan to do any snoring. A rainy day with restless kids can feel like an eternity if you aren't armed with some fun games to keep them occupied, challenged and happy. By doing your homework and having some ideas on the ready, you can turn a blue rainy day into a day of indoor adventure.

Chopstick Pass Along

This game, courtesy of the Family Fun website, is a good way for the kids to sharpen their concentration skills and manual dexterity. It's sort of like the game Operation come to life but with chopsticks and different sized objects you may have on hand such as unshelled walnuts, acorns from the yard, cherries or peas.

To play the game, give each child a set of chopsticks and place all of the objects on a plate next to the child who will start the object passing. You may choose the oldest player, and she will then proceed to pass each object, starting with the largest, passing it to the person on her right, who will then pass the object around until it is returned to the plate. The ultimate goal is for the players to pass the objects without dropping them until they are all returned to the plate. Family Fun recommends offering a teaspoon to children who find using the chopsticks to be too difficult.


This reverse hide-and-seek game, presented by Kinder Art, is fun for the kids on a rainy day. One child is the hider, and he goes to find a spot while the rest of the children cover their eyes. When the child is hidden, the rest of the children look for him. When each child finds him, they join him and pack like sardines into the hiding spot until everyone arrives. The first seeker who finds the hider is allowed to be the hider in the next round.

Ankle Balloon Game

This activity will get the kids moving, and the colourful balloons will perk up a blue rainy day. Have the kids blow up a bag of balloons together. After they have inflated all of the balloons, have the kids choose their favourite balloons. According to Camp KCC, everyone then ties their balloon to their ankles with a piece of string. Using only their feet--no hands--the goal is for each player to pop each other's balloons. When a kid's balloon has been popped, she is out of the game.

Cosy Reading or Writing Time

Sometimes a rainy day is a good time to make some hot cocoa or bake some cookies and have everyone sit down for story time. Once you have the warm goodies ready on a plate or in mugs, you can ask the kids to select a book. Everyone can take turns reading the book. Minti suggests an alternative to reading--or even in addition to reading after kids are inspired by the book--is for the kids to write their own stories, which may even be inspired by the rainy day or whatever moves the kids to write a fun and engaging story that will entertain them.

Field Trip

You can always get the kids geared up in their ponchos and galoshes and head off to the cinema, museum or library to keep the doldrums at bay. The kids may consider it to be the best of both worlds in getting to get out into the rain and tramp through a puddle or two, as well as doing something fun and out of the ordinary.

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