How to have a picnic in the rain

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If you have a picnic planned, but the weather report doesn't look good and thunder clouds are filling the sky, don't despair; you can still have a lovely afternoon and pleasant picnic, even if it is raining out. While most picnickers consider rain to be the ultimate spoiler of picnics, it doesn't have to be. You can still shield yourself from the downfall and enjoy the great outdoors and dining al fresco. On the bright side, rain does prevent most bugs from bothering you.

Set up your rain cover. No picnic is going to be enjoyable if everyone is eating soggy sandwiches, so set up your cover immediately or arrange or reserve an outdoor area with a cover. You could set up canvas canopies, tents, groups of beach umbrellas, or have the picnic inside a gazebo.

Pack food in containers with covers that you can easily wipe off. Plastic containers or casserole dishes with lids are suitable for a rainy picnic.

Pack hot beverages. Even if it rains on a hot summer day people can easily get chilled. A cup of hot cider or cocoa will be most welcome.

Pack jackets and hats for everyone. Rainstorms can quickly become chilly and you don't want anyone to catch a cold. Bring lots of blankets for people to sit on and wrap themselves in.

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