Ideas for Homemade sexy adult Halloween costumes

Updated February 21, 2017

A sexy Halloween costume can be as easy as putting together some things you already have, or purchasing a few items to add on to your own outfit to create the perfect Halloween look. Halloween is the day when all reality goes out the window, so get creative and put together a look that will have you feeling sexy and fun. Trick or treating will never be the same!

Garden of Eden

Creating an Eve costume is easy, sexy and fun. Using a flesh-coloured or green bikini or bra and knickers as a base, drape fake ivy purchased from a craft store around your body. Hold the ivy in place with green ribbons, or safety pin it to your undergarments. Put a plastic snake around your neck and carry an apple.

Naughty schoolgirl

One of the most popular sexy costumes is the naughty schoolgirl look. Look in your closet to see what you have to use. A plaid miniskirt is preferable, but a solid colour works, as well. Pleats add to the effect. A white, button-down shirt can be tied up and unbuttoned a few buttons, with the sleeves rolled up or down to show as much skin as you like. Add white knee socks, put your hair in ponytails and grab a couple textbooks for props.

Sexy devil girl

A red leotard or T-shirt and skirt can be the base for a sexy devil costume. Purchase horns and a tail from a costume shop, and add dark, sexy make-up and red lipstick. Red tights or fishnets, high heels and a pitchfork complete the look. A feather boa is optional but adds extra sex appeal.

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