List of groups and activities for single women

Updated March 23, 2017

Many groups and activities are available for single women to enjoy. Depending on age, hobbies, interests and even new learning opportunities, a single woman has many options to keep her busy.

Sports and Fitness

Single women can hone a sport they already know or learn a new fitness routine and meet like-minded athletes at the same time. Joining a health club, working out at the local recreation centre or investing time and money in a single's fitness club are just a few options. Taking lessons to learn a new sport such as golf, tennis, skiing, rock climbing, or equestrian broadens your activity base and enables you to meet and spend time with other people you normally would not.

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Hobbies and Special Interest Groups

Learning a new hobby or joining a group that cultivates an area of interest for the single women greatly enhances her life. Joining a book discussion group at local libraries, bird watching with fellow nature lovers, gardening or meeting with fellow photographers are just a few ways the single women can share her interests with others. Becoming affiliated with a political interest group appeals to single women who have a passion for a particular cause and enjoy being involved with politics.


Many single women enjoy travelling and there are many different travel experiences designed for singles only. Whether hooking up to travel with others through recreation-centre trips, travel agencies or online groups, single women can meet new people and develop friendships through this type of adventure. Singles only vacations may include travelling abroad to such places as India or Paris; visiting exotic locations such as the beach or the Rocky Mountains in the continental United States; or camping with others in remote parts of the country.

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Become a Student

Single women who are life long learners may want to consider taking classes to either advance their careers or learn something new just for the fun of it. Local universities, community colleges and courses online provide many options for the single women. Cooking courses, art classes, studying computer technology or taking dance lessons are just a few options available to the student.

Explore Spirituality

Single women have many opportunities to explore their spiritual side either alone or with others. Joining a local church that offers single's activities, studying with others the dynamics of a faith life or volunteering at a rescue mission, pregnancy centre and inner-city school provide a myriad of options available to the single woman.

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