Romantic 40th birthday ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Who says that turning 40 has to mean being over the hill? A 40th birthday can be a very special time in a person's life. The right gift on that day will make it an even more memorable occasion.

"Life" Magazine

If your guy wonders what life was like 40 years earlier, when he was born, you can order a special "Life" magazine from the week that he was born. He will receive an actual print from that week, not a reproduction. You can find this at a site such as

Picture Collage

Gather 40 pictures of your birthday girl. Collect some of her as a child, as a teenager, and some of the two of you together. Then affix them to a large painted board or surface of your choice with glue.

40 Things

Buy 40 items of something like your guy's favourite chocolates, birthday coupons, or red roses. The fact that you are giving him 40 of something can be romantic, thoughtful or just plain funny.

Parking Picnic

Parking can be both romantic and fun. Pack your favourite picnic, pick a safe spot and enjoy a romantic dinner for two in the front seat of your car. For even more fun, if you have a lover's lane, consider parking there.

Birthday SOS

Your girl's youth has been lost at sea. Send out a birthday SOS with a customisable message in a bottle. Create your own romantic or funny verse or choose a prewritten one.You can find this item at a site such as

Romantic Emails

If you and your loved one have separate e-mail accounts, then you can send him 40 romantic e-mails in the week prior to the actual birthday. Then, when the birthday comes, you can send a final online birthday card that you have personalised with a romantic saying.

Sweet Jar

You could also make your loved one a naughty jar. Take 40 small slips of paper, write on them something romantic about him or something sweet that he has done and then fold them in half. Ask him to pick one out of the jar each morning to read before he goes to work. You can even write something naughty he has done, but make sure you fold the papers so no one else will see them.

Compact Disc

Make several compact discs with a total of 40 songs on them for your special someone. You can usually fit as many as 20 songs to a disc. These can be romantic love songs or songs by her favourite artists.

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