Creative Things to Roast Over a Campfire

Updated July 18, 2017

Camping is a great pastime, full of traditions to pass down through generations of a family. Unfortunately, a common tradition is to roast the same boring items over a fire on every camping trip. Don't settle for mediocrity any more. Spice up your wilderness meals by roasting new, creative dishes in your campfire.


Breakfast is an important meal when camping since you'll need extra energy to fuel your day. A simple and easy idea is to cook pancakes in a skillet over your campfire and flavour them with a spread of fresh-picked berries. Just be sure that it's legal to pick vegetation if you're in a public park. Otherwise, you may want to make applesauce-filled doughnuts. Simply slice a doughnut in half and create a sandwich with applesauce in the middle. Wrap the applesauce doughnut in foil and roast it over the fire for 10 to 15 minutes.


Lunch is a time to rest and refuel before conquering the rest of the day. You'll want something light but filling. Try cooking muffin mix inside of an orange. Slice the orange in half and remove the orange fruit from one half, then fill the empty space with muffin mix. Cap the muffin-filled half with the fruit-filled half, wrap the orange in foil and roast at the edge of your fire until the muffin bakes.


Everyone enjoys a good discussion around the campfire during dinner. The tradition of roasting hot dogs remains popular because it brings everyone together. You may continue in this tradition with a creative and delicious twist on the classic roasted hot dog. All you need to do is make biscuit dough mix, or buy a prepared dough, and wrap some around a hot dog. For extra flavour, add cheese between the hot dog and dough. Then skewer the dough-wrapped hot dog with a stick and roast it over the campfire just as you would with a plain hot dog.


Dessert is the perfect ending to any day, and it's extra sweet after an exhausting day roaming through nature. Savour your accomplishments with a banana-inspired variation of the traditional s'more. Simply cut a banana along its length, but don't halve it into two pieces or remove its peel. Fill the sliced banana with marshmallows and chocolate. Wrap the banana in foil, put it on a stick and roast it over the campfire to melt the chocolate and toast the marshmallows.

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