Wording Ideas for Hollywood Party Invitations

Written by samantha cabrera | 13/05/2017
Wording Ideas for Hollywood Party Invitations
A Hollywood theme party is fun for everyone. (Hollywood Sign image by crossgolfing from Fotolia.com)

Hosting a Hollywood-themed party is fa fun way to celebrate a birthday or an anniversary. A Hollywood-themed party works for teens, as well as mature adults because it allows each group to pay homage to celebrities and films that were popular during different decades.


If you're taking the red carpet angle for your party, incorporate that into the wording on the invitation.

"We're rolling out the red carpet for __'s [person's age] birthday party! Join the glamorous festivities on_ at _ o'clock on. Dress in your Hollywood best and expect to see and be seen!"

Anniversary or Birthday

A spotlight is an ideal focus for an anniversary or birthday party.

"The spotlight's on __ (or_ _ and ) for [insert occasion here.] Show up dressed to the nines for a party that will rival Hollywood's biggest bash! The shindig starts at _ o' clock on ___."

Costume Party

Go all out with your Hollywood party by asking guests to dress the part.

"Dress as your favourite Hollywood star to ___'s [insert occasion here] party. The glitz and glamor await you on at o' clock. Come to be seen and rub elbows with the glitteratti!"

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