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How to Watch Free Online Bollywood Movies

Bollywood movies are films produced by the Hindi film industry. India is the biggest movie making industry in the world and produces over 900 movies each year. (Ref. 3) Many movies are elaborate musicals and are made in over 20 languages. The first feature film to come out of India was silent in 1913. The first talkie (Ref. 3) movie came out in 1931 and began the "song and dance craze" so popular in these movies. Today the average 165 minute movie is about one quarter sing alongs. Many Bollywood movies are available to view for free online if you know where to look.

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  1. Look for bollywood movies online via free sources like BollyClips, Online Tech Tips and ApnaView. You might want to consider researching assorted sites first to avoid things like computer viruses. Browse through the site's collection which will usually include latest releases along with other categories like Classic or Comedy.

  2. Choose the movie you wish to view. Set up any speakers or chairs needed to watch the movie comfortably from your computer.

  3. Click on your chosen movie. You might be asked if you wish to download add-ons for watching movies. If the site is safe you can download the application so as to watch the movie but be sure to read over privacy policies and the like before going forward. Other sites simply show movies via YouTube.

  4. Tip

    Some sites like ApnaView also offer the latest television shows, sports highlights and music videos in addition to their movie collection. BollyClips shows movies via YouTube; sometimes the movies are broken down into parts. Browsing for Bollywood clips on YouTube is another safe option.


    Do the appropriate research to ensure the site you are using is safe.

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