How to learn tantra massage

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The term "Tantra" encompasses a broad spectrum of concepts and principles. In its most global sense, Tantra is a discipline of Hinduism that focuses on the worship of Shakti, the concept of the godly creative abilities of the female, best embodied by fertility.

Tantric principles dictate the purification and refinement of physical reality, as well as heightened awareness, and this principle is maintained during the Tantric massage.

Find a class that you can take with your partner. All across the United States many classes are available for couples to learn Tantric massage. California has a particularly high concentration of Tantric massage studios. In Berkeley, for example, there is a Tantric massage studio called Tantric Joy, and in northern California there is the Institute for Ecstatic Living.

Order a Tantric massage video tutorial. An abundance of Tantric videos are available for ordering across the U.S. Many free Tantric massage video tutorials are also available online. YouTube has several Tantric massage videos, including the Tantra Yoni Massage. Amazon also offers Tantric massage video tutorials, and you can order the Tantric Massage DVD.

Read a Tantric massage tutorial online. offers a comprehensive list of links to Tantra-related websites. Many of the links are more related to Tantric sex, but if you sift through the list you'll find links related to massage as well. You can also read an e-book on Tantric massage that will offer step-by-step instructions. eBookpedia offers several.