Simple castle crafts for kids

Updated June 26, 2018

Castles recall the memories of medieval times. The ancient structures translate well into craft projects for kids. Castle crafts can be used in the classroom to complement a social studies unit on the topic. The crafts also make an entertaining rainy day activity at home. The basic materials used are easy to find in most classrooms and homes.

3D Sand Castle

Kids can build a sand castle indoors without the mess of traditional sand structures. Real sand is mixed with other materials and cooked to create a sculpture material that will dry hard. To make a batch of the sand sculpture material, mix together 6 cups of sand, 3 cups of cornflour and 3 cups of water. Cook and stir the mixture in a pot over low heat until it is thickened. Let the sand mixture cool before using it to create the sand castle sculptures. Have the kids construct a sand castle figure on newspaper and allow it to harden so it will hold its shape.

Flat Sand Castle Art

Each child needs a castle cutout shape for this craft project. The kids spread a thin layer of glue over the entire castle cutout before sprinkling it with a layer of sand. Any type of sand works for this craft, even coloured sand you can purchase at a craft store. Shake off the excess sand and allow the glue to dry fully. The kids can add other accents, such as windows or drawbridges, to make their castles one-of-a-kind.

Castle Collage

The kids piece together different craft materials to construct a castle picture. Squares or rectangles of grey paper work well to create the bricks. You can also use squares of grey fabric, felt or craft foam depending on the available materials. Glue the pieces into a castle shape on a piece of paper. Cut out a separate drawbridge. Glue the bottom edge to the castle with the top curved edge unattached. Glue one end of string to the castle and the other end to the drawbridge door. This allows the kids to open and close their drawbridges. Other accents, such as green string for vines or a flag cut out of paper, are glued to the collage to complete the castle scene.

Cardboard Box

A cardboard box creates the main part of a 3D castle craft. Paint the box grey to resemble a stone castle. Cut out windows and a drawbridge. Glue paper towel rolls to all four corners to create the turrets. Make roofs for the turrets by twist a piece of paper into a cone shape. Glue or tape the paper cone roofs to the top of each paper towel tube turret. The kids can use small people toys or make their own craft stick royalty to play in the castle.

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