11-year-old birthday party ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Tween birthday parties can be a tricky situation, because 11-year-olds have outgrown kiddie princess parties and birthday bashes based on childhood cartoon characters. However, they can be too young for more mature parties like spa parties and nighttime co-ed parties as well. But when it comes to planning an 11-year-old's birthday party, it can be an easy feat if you put a little thought into it.

Slumber Party

Plan a slumber party for your tween with her favourite female friends in tow. Talk to her first about what kind of slumber party she would like to have and things she would like included in the party, like types of food, games, movies, etc.

In general, slumber party food consists of grub like pizza, chicken wings, birthday cake, ice cream, and other types of comfort food. However, the birthday girl's favourite food should reign supreme.

Fun slumber party games can include games like charades, board games like Monopoly or quiz games like Taboo. Movies for slumber parties should be age-appropriate as well.

Pizza Party

Throw your tween a pizza party. This can be a great birthday bash for an 11-year-old girl or boy. Simply order several large pizzas of a variety of types and have your child invite his or her friends over. To amp up this pizza party, ask your tween to make a mix CD for the affair, and crank up the tunes while the attendees feast on the pizza pies. After the kids have sung "Happy Birthday," gobbled up cake and the birthday girl has opened up the presents, pop in a movie before the party is over.

Sporting Activity Parties

Have a party at a family activity centre. According to, this is a great way for an 11-year-old to celebrate his birthday. Head to a mini-amusement park or a local place that offers a sporting activity, like indoor laser tag, bowling or wall climbing.

One particular entertaining idea is to throw a skate party. Not only will the kids attending the party be entertained for hours, but most skating rinks offer party packages that include birthday cakes, food and deals on skate rentals.

Theme Birthday Parties

Theme birthday parties can be a hit among tweens. Talk to the birthday girl about what kind of theme party she wants to have and go from there. Some ideas for age-appropriate theme parties include Halloween costume parties for kids whose birthdays fall around that time, pirate parties or arts and crafts parties.

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