Table Centerpiece Ideas for a Business Dinner

Updated April 17, 2017

Centrepieces are used to add to the ambience of events by giving guests focal point at their tables. If you're hosting a business dinner, whether at home or at a local venue, create centrepieces that will also make for conversation pieces for your event attendees. From traditional centrepieces, such as flowers to creative centrepieces like quotes that match the nature of your event, there are many options.


For a book release or an event where an author is serving as a guest speaker, the author's books can be used as centrepieces for the tables. A stack of assorted books by the author or a stack of the author's latest title can create a centrepiece that can also double as a favour. After the event, guests can take a book home with them.

Famous Quotes

Ask a businessman his favourite quote and he's bound to come up with one. Use quotes from famous businesspeople, actors, philanthropists, authors or musicians that complement the theme of your event as centrepieces. Quotes can be printed and affixed to eight-and-a-half by 11 inch poster board. A picture frame can be used to hold a quote for each table. Silver, bronze or gold picture frames can add an elegant, professional appearance.

Company Logo

Companies use their logos on programs, banners and on the invitations to their events to reinforce their brand and increase awareness. An eight-and-a-half by 11 inch cardboard cutout of your company logo can be used as a centrepiece for your next business event. In an instance where there are multiple sponsors, create a cardboard logo for each company and display one logo per table.

Flower Arrangement

While most events offer hand-passed appetizers or arrange them at the food area of the event, appetizer trays filled with an assortment of colourful food items with various textures can be used as a centrepiece for a business dinner. This is an eco-friendly and cost-effective centrepiece that guests can enjoy.

Floating Candle Arrangement

A large, clear bowl can be filled with stones, water and floating candles can create a centrepiece for your business dinner event. Stones can be purchased at your local arts and crafts store in a variety of colours and shapes. Colours that match the theme of your event will help you create a complementary centrepiece. Floating candles may be lit before the event starts. Low lights will help the flicker of the candle flame illuminate the room during the business event.

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