Ideas for 80s Themed Party Games

Updated February 21, 2017

Parties that celebrate the 1980s are popular among the 40-plus crowd, and the music, clothing and overall styles of the '80s means the parties are full of outrageous laughs. When planning your '80s theme party, you'll be considering your food and music choices, but a great party will involve guests with some kind of theme-related game as well. Whether the games revolve around the music or style of the decade, your guests will be happy to move away from the appetizer table to participate.


Trivia about the 1980s is entertaining and helps remind partygoers of all the things that made the 1980s great. Print trivia questions from online sources, or use a game such as Trivial Pursuit: The '80s Edition to get plenty of fodder for an hour of fun. Break partygoers into teams for larger parties or play individually, with elimination rounds until you have a trivia champion.

American Idol: '80s Edition

Appoint a trio of "celebrity" judges from your costumed guests, and encourage partygoers to sing karaoke to popular 1980s songs. Rate each singer on a scale from 1 to 10, and also keep scores for best dance moves, best overall performance and most humorous performance. Give winners a 1980s music compilation CD or a gift card for iTunes.

"High Hair" Contest

Invite guests to come to the party in their '80s best, and be sure to let them know ahead of time of your special "high hair" competition. Once all the guests have arrived, use a ruler to measure female guests' hair from the top of the head upward to get the height of the hair. Give a prize for the most gravity-defying hairstyle and one for the most "bulletproof" hair--to the woman with the most hairspray.

Boom-Box Relay Race

No one can forget the famous boombox serenade scene performed by John Cusack in the '80s movie "Say Anything." Looking back, younger people might be amazed at the size of music machines of the '80s, but those who lived through it know that hefting the device on your shoulder and walking down the street was acceptable behaviour. Celebrate the clunky past with a boombox relay race featuring classic '80s stereos. Find old boom boxes at thrift stores, and form three teams to run the boom boxes down a course and back, with the team finishing first being the winners. Give the winning participants an iTunes gift card or a 1980s-compilation CD.

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