Ideas for Balloon Weights

Updated March 13, 2018

Balloon bouquets add decoration for many occasions, from birthdays to baby showers. Balloon weights keep helium-filled balloons from floating away. You can purchase balloon weights at the store, but they are often expensive. Homemade balloon weights can save money and allow you to customise them.


Sand works well as the material for a homemade balloon weight. It doesn't take a lot of sand to create enough weight to hold down a balloon bouquet. Use a plastic cup or a bowl with a lid. Fill the container with sand. Wrap colourful foil wrapping paper around the cup, leaving extra foil at the top. Tie the foil at the top of the container. Cut the extra foil into strips to create a fringed top. Tie the balloon strings around the neck of the weight where the foil was tied on.

A similar option is to fill a plastic baggie with sand. Tie the top of the bag closed. Double bagging the sand is a good idea in case the first bag rips. Cover the bag with foil in the same way you would cover a cup.


A candy-filled balloon weight is a special treat for the recipient of a balloon bouquet. Fill a colourful cellophane bag with candy. Choosing a cellophane bag allows the recipient to see that there is candy inside the balloon weight. You can find cellophane bags at craft stores near the candy and cake-decorating section. The bags come in different colours as well as patterns for different holidays. Tie the bag closed with curling ribbon in a coordinating colour. Tie the balloon strings around the bag where the ribbon was tied. Test out the balloon weight to make sure it is heavy enough to hold the balloons. Add more candy or another separate bag to the balloon bouquet if it isn't heavy enough.


A toy is another good option for holding down a balloon bouquet. This works particularly well for a child's birthday party. Choose a toy that fits the theme of the party. For example, if the theme of the party is monster trucks, tie the balloons to a large monster truck toy. Make sure the toy is heavy enough to hold down the balloon bouquet. You can choose a toy your child already owns or purchase a new toy to double as one of the party gifts.

Gift Box

Use a decorated gift box as the balloon weight. Fill the box with sand or rocks before wrapping. If you use a larger box, you probably won't need to completely fill the box. Just add enough filler to keep the balloons from floating away. Choose wrapping paper that fits the theme or colour scheme of the party. Tie ribbons around the box for added decoration. Tie the balloon strings to the ribbons on the package.

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