How to Draw a Castle With a Moat Around It Images

In ancient times, castle architects designed layouts that included moats as one of the many means of defence to keep enemies from storming castle grounds. Moats could take the form of a simple ditch or be as elaborate as a lake. Castle designers also created the drawbridge as the only means of getting across a moat. Drawing a castle can teach you basic concepts of architecture and design, using common shapes such as oblong rectangles and triangles.

Outline your castle by drawing a large rectangular shape that becomes triangular at the top, similar to a house. In the middle of this house shape, draw a line vertically down the centre, divided by three horizontal lines to section the castle into a lower, middle and upper level. Just under the lowest line, draw a ridged line for the front wall of the castle entrance.

Draw two oblong shapes with triangles at the top in the lower section for towers. Draw another set of towers in the middle level, which starts just above the entrance level and reaches just under the highest line. Draw one large oblong shape above the entrance section with a flat top that reaches up to halfway between the top and middle lines.

Draw two small towers on either side of the large oblong shape. Between the oblong and the small towers, draw two more towers that become wider as they get taller. Extend these two tallest towers to the top of the house shape.

Give each tower a window and a triangular flag at the top. Draw two windows in the centre oblong-shaped building. Draw two windows in the castle entrance, along with a door and extended drawbridge.

Draw a moat that surrounds the castle and passes under the drawbridge. Add grass and rocks to the edge of the moat. Erase the vertical and horizontal lines that you used to section off the castle.

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