Humorous Get-Well Gifts

Updated July 20, 2017

Selecting the right humorous get-well gift for someone you care about is an effective way to cheer them up while they are in recovery. The best gag gifts are ones that reflect the personality of the recipient and reference something special about your relationship with them.

Character Ice Pack

Give a cartoon-decorated ice pack. These are ideal for kids because they are brightly coloured and feature cartoon characters, often in a series of comical slings and bandages.

Teddy Bear On Crutches with Cast

Providing that your friend has a healthy sense of humour about her sprain or fracture, a "break a leg" teddy is the perfect gag gift to give her while she is on crutches or in a sling. Add more laughs to the gift by enlisting other friends to write funny messages on the teddy bear's cast.

Gag Gift Basket

A lighthearted Red Cross gift basket, offered by Gift Baskets Ect., comes with a variety of snacks and a comically large thermometer with a note attached that reads "You are going to do WHAT with that thermometer???" The gag thermometer gift basket is perfect for anyone who is recovering in a hospital because eating the snacks helps pass the time and the thermometer can be used as a conversation piece for other visitors.

Vitameatavegamin I Love Lucy Throw

A useful gag gift for a bedridden friend or relative, the vitameatavegamin throw blanket, seen at, is warm and comfy to snuggle up in. Based on one of Lucy's silliest schemes on the I Love Lucy show, this is a fitting get well gift for fans of Lucille Ball and classic sitcoms.

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