Expensive Gifts for Teen Girls

Updated February 21, 2017

Purchase an expensive gift for a teen girl in your life, to celebrate a holiday, her birthday or graduation, a special achievement or just because you want her to know you’re thinking of her. Whether the gift is just from you or is a collaborative gift from a group of family or friends, the ideal gift should reflect her personality, interests and taste.


Give your teen girl an electronic device or gadget that she can use. A younger teen that doesn’t have an iPod or MP3 player would most likely enjoy getting one. The latest and greatest cell phone is another gift option for a teen girl. Include a customised case for the phone, such as one covered in precious gemstones, for an extra special touch. You can also give her a new digital camera or high definition video camera if she enjoys capturing special moments. A laptop is another expensive gift option for a teen girl, especially if you choose a new model loaded with the latest technology.

Make-up and Jewelry

A weekend at a luxurious and exclusive spa for your teen and a few of her closest friends can be a great gift. Also consider giving her some high-end designer make-up or perfume. You can also schedule her an appointment for a complete makeover with a professional make-up artist, who can suggest different products that would complement her natural features and skin. Custom or personalised jewellery is another option. For example, give her a platinum diamond ring, earrings or a tennis bracelet. Choose pieces that include her favourite metal and gemstones.


High-end designer clothes, such as Gucci, Versace or Prada, would work well for a young fashionista. Also consider a shopping spree in New York City or Paris. A designer handbag is another item most teen girls would love to receive. Scour the latest teen or celebrity fashion magazines, like "Teen Vogue," to discover which bag is hottest at the moment. Get her a new pair of matching shoes to go with her new outfit or purse.

Plains, Trains and Automobiles

Get your teen a new car if she’s old enough to drive, or will be soon. Remember to choose a model she'll enjoy driving. If she enjoys exploring, consider taking her and a few of her friends on a train trip across Europe. Book luxurious accommodations and have a lavish trip. You can also fly her to her favourite city for a getaway weekend. Consider getting her and her friends their own hotel room, or booking a high-end suite and spare no expense.

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