Anniversary Gifts Made of Steel

Updated February 21, 2017

It's traditional to give gifts made of steel for an eleventh wedding anniversary. It symbolises the strength of a couple's love that has lasted for over a decade, so a steel gift can be very meaningful. Still, it can be challenging at first to imagine just what that gift could be other than a steel girder or a railroad track. There are many possibilities that are much more romantic than that.

Test Your Metal

Replace those 11-year-old wedding gifts with a new steel chef's knife set -- or a beautiful set of stainless-steel flatware. Make your garden a romantic haven with a new stainless-steel barbecue or patio heater. There are also golf clubs made of steel, as well as swords, pocket knives, and chandeliers. Candlesticks and picture frames come in shiny or brushed finishes, and so do small kitchen appliances and barware.

What's in a Name?

A gift doesn't have to actually be made of steel; with some imagination, you can think of something that makes a reference to steel. There are DVDs of the 1980s television program "Remington Steele" or the movie "Steel Magnolias." You could also give a boxed set of the "Superman" movies since he is the "Man of Steel." Many people (women especially) would love a complete set of Danielle Steel's books or a couple of Steely Dan CDs.


Since the modern gift for the 11th anniversary is costume jewellery, giving jewellery made of steel is doubly symbolic. Give his-and-hers brushed-steel watches or keychains. He might love a steel pocket watch or an engraved money clip, while she'd flip over a shiny stainless-steel charm bracelet or an armful of bangle bracelets. There are also steel rings, tie pins, and cuff links.

Big-Ticket Items

If you want to splurge, there are several ways to do it using a "steel" motif. You could arrange a tropical vacation to hear the steel drums, or take a trip to Pittsburgh to watch the Steelers play a home game. Replace those dingy kitchen appliances with matching, brushed-steel models. Maybe he'd love a new laptop computer, a handheld organiser, or the latest cell phone -- and these are all available with steel finishes. Finally, cars are made from steel -- find out exactly what vintage model she's always longed for and park it in the driveway with a shiny silver bow on the roof.

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