What Forms Do I Need to Sell My Car?

Selling your car doesn't have to be a time-intensive process, but it is important to make sure the proper paperwork is filed. You wouldn't want to be liable for the car if your buyer crashes, would you? Each state's forms may look a little different, but they are all generally the same. You will need proof that you own the car, a notice of sale as a measure of proof, and the form to officially transfer ownership of the car to your buyer.

Proof of Ownership

The buyer will want to know that you are the legal owner of the car. You should have the title as well as the car's registration. If you have lost the title or the car's registration has expired, you can take care of the problem at your state's motor vehicles department.

Notice of Sale

This form is your proof that the car is officially sold. You fill in your name as well as the buyer's. You will also put down the financial details (sale price, etc.) and an odometer reading that the buyer certifies to be correct. This form will help release you from any liability---if the buyer were to crash your car after the sale, for example.

Transferring the Title

This form transfers ownership of the car's registration to the new owner. It is a two-page form that is quite extensive because it is the state's official record of that car and can be used for many things, including police investigations. You fill in your name as well as the buyer's and extensive details about the car---vehicle identification number, make, model, colour and length, among other things. The odometer reading on the car will again be certified. You must also have an authorised person (notaries or employees of a state motor vehicles department, for example) confirm that all the information about the car on the form is correct.

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