Tips for Decorating Under the Stair Bathrooms

Written by valery elias | 13/05/2017
Tips for Decorating Under the Stair Bathrooms
Use common sense tips to decorate your under the stairs bathroom (towel hanging in a bathroom image by Gina Smith from

Small bathrooms that are located beneath stairs are an efficient use of space and are sometimes referred to as the water closet. These small bathrooms are generally comprised of just a toilet and a sink, and often feature slanted ceilings and small spaces. Even though these types of bathrooms are small in nature, you can decorate a small bathroom beneath your stairs to reveal visual impact along with convenience.


Tips for Decorating Under the Stair Bathrooms
Choose complementary colours (paint chart image by Christopher Hall from

Paint the bathroom walls a cool and relaxing colour such as pale blue or green. These colours promote a feeling of calm, and work well in a small space such as a bathroom. Avoid the use of dark or bold colours as they can make an already small space appear smaller. Keep the ceiling a light colour such as beige or white. This will reflect off the blue or green paint, creating an overall light ambience. Stick to just two or three colours in similar tones to prevent colour overload and a busy look.


Tips for Decorating Under the Stair Bathrooms
Choose light coloured flooring (Floor tiles - can be used as background image by Elnur from

Use light coloured flooring in your bathroom. Choose flooring that has a fair amount of texture to prevent slipping. Light coloured flooring will expand the visual look of the space and provide a light feel to balance a light coloured ceiling. Dark floors have a tendency to recede, and can almost look like they disappear in a small space. Avoid dark colours if possible.


Tips for Decorating Under the Stair Bathrooms
Decorative mirrors reflect light (the mirror image by Jan Will from

Add mirrors to a small bathroom to reflect light and create the illusion of windows. Add a mirror just above the sink; make sure it is at eye-level.


Tips for Decorating Under the Stair Bathrooms
Choose decorative sconces for your bathroom (lampe marocaine image by Danielle Bonardelle from

Place small sconces on either side of the sink, adjacent to the mirror. These help to prevent a shadowy light effect when viewing yourself in the mirror. Recessed lighting placed in the ceiling provides functional, yet decorative and subtle light. Avoid placing a single light fixture in the middle of the ceiling if your bathroom is long and narrow.

Plumbing Fixtures

Tips for Decorating Under the Stair Bathrooms
Pedestal sinks give more floor space (modern sink image by nextrecord from

Choose plumbing fixtures that have been scaled down to fit into a small space. Elongated toilets may not work in a small bathroom. Measure and buy accordingly. Likewise a sink with a large countertop and storage space underneath may take up too much room. Look for a pedestal sink instead.

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