How to Remove a Pedestal Column From a Sink Basin

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Pedestal sinks make an elegant addition to any bathroom. These sinks utilise a pedestal column to hide the otherwise unsightly plumbing beneath the sink. Removing a pedestal column from a sink basin isn't difficult.

As with any plumbing project, the most important step to remember is to turn off the water for the sink basin that you are removing.

Cut the water supply for the sink. Look behind the pedestal to locate the water supply valves. These will be mounted to the wall, usually directly behind the pedestal. Rotate the supply valve on the end of the knob clockwise to turn off the water. Open the sink faucet and allow any water inside to drain out.

Unscrew the water supply hoses from the underside of the sink. Follow the hoses from where they leave the water supply valve up to where they connect to the bottom of the faucet in the sink. Unscrew the plastic couplings on the end counterclockwise.

Disconnect the p-trap. This is the curved portion of the plumbing underneath the sink. Unscrew the couplings at either end of the p-trap. Carefully pull the p-trap out of the drain assembly. Use caution, as it will be filled with somewhat smelly water. Empty the p-trap into a bucket.

Examine how the sink and pedestal column fit together. Some sinks are connected to the pedestal with a bolt, others might simply sit in place and be held down with their own weight. Disconnect any bolts holding the sink to the pedestal.

Unscrew the sink bolts holding the sink to the wall. Have an assistant help you by bracing the pedestal column if the sink is heavy. Pull the sink bolts out of the mounting holes. Remove the sink and set aside.

Unscrew any bolts holding the pedestal column to the floor. Remove the pedestal.