Birthday ideas for a pastor

Updated April 17, 2017

Make your pastor's next birthday a special one. Using a little creativity and innovation you can celebrate your pastor's birthday in a way that he'll really appreciate. A pastor sacrifices and gives unconditionally to his church, and celebrating his birthday is the perfect opportunity to give back to him what he freely gives on a daily basis.

Surprise Service

Holding a surprise service will utterly overwhelm any pastor. Talk with the other pastors and plan for a typical service to be transformed into a birthday celebration. After the song service, the person making the announcements can announce the pastor's birthday and take over the rest of the service. Invite people that can testify to God's work through his ministry. The youth group and the church staff can perform skits that celebrate his life. Hold a time of prayer and invite a few people to pray a blessing over his life.

Photo Memory Book

A few weeks before the pastor's birthday, have a committee of workers contact every person in the church, either via e-mail or over the phone. Ask each member of the church to write a thank you note to the pastor, and send in any photos of the pastor ministering or being with the people from the last year. Take the notes and photos, and create a photo memory book. If the congregation is very large, you may have to take the book to a professional to have it specially bound. Present the book in front of the congregation on the Sunday closest to the pastor's birthday.


Every pastor needs a vacation. Pastors are like parents, they are always on call and always sacrificing their own time to give to others. Take up an offering or ask church members to send in a donation that can be used to send the pastor and his family on a vacation for a week. Make sure that you plan the vacation for a time when he does not have any other obligations. Any extra cash that's collected can be given to him for spending money while on vacation.

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