Birthday party ideas for a thirteen year old

A child's 13th birthday is a milestone--it signals the end of childhood and the start of her teenage years. Planning a party for a 13-year-old can be fun, since she likely will be happy to have a more grown-up party. If the party will not be a surprise, let the birthday girl help plan the event. She will appreciate the added responsibility while choosing birthday party ideas she and her friends will enjoy.

Murder Mystery

For the ultimate in grown-up parties, organise a murder mystery party for your teenager. Buy a murder mystery kit or make your own. Before the event, recruit one of your guests to play the "killer." Ask your guests to wear costumes that suit your murder mystery theme. For instance, if the murder takes place at a ball, have your guests dress in formal wear. Decorate the party venue to match. Give your guests clues to solve throughout the night. Once the guests solve a clue, hand out the next one. Continue playing the game until your guests have uncovered the murderer.

Makeover Party

Invite your child's friends over for a special birthday makeover party. Arrange for a make-up artist and hair stylist to come over for the evening and beautify your guests. For an inexpensive alternative, buy the birthday girl make-up and a book that shows step-by-step make-up instructions. Let the guests take turns as the evening's make-up artist. Take before and after pictures as souvenirs for each guest. A makeover party also works well as a pre-party activity if you are going to the movies or bowling.

Bowling Party

Treat your child and his friends to a night of bowling. If possible, book a lane before the event to avoid a long wait. Order such bowling alley food as pizza and chicken wings for your guests. Bowling alleys often offer arcade games--bring a set number of quarters for each guest.

Sleepover Party

Hold a sleepover party at your house. Let the birthday girl select DVDs to watch during the party. Let the guests have the family room to themselves for privacy. Serve such appetizers as mini pizzas, quiches and egg rolls. Make CDs with your teen's favourite songs--play the music during the event. Give each guest a copy of the CD as a party favour. Turn the family room into a sleeping room. Offer your guests soft pillows, sleeping bags and blankets.

Movie and Dinner Party

Take your child and his friends to see a movie at the local theatre. Buy soda and popcorn as a treat for the guests. To save money, buy a selection of candy at the store before the event. Hand out the candy at the theatre. After the movie, take the children to a restaurant for a special birthday meal. A movie and dinner with his friends will make your child feel grown up.

Amusement Park Party

Buy day passes to an amusement park for your child's closest friends. If you have more than a couple of guests, ask another parent to serve as a chaperon. If a child is afraid to try one of the rides, an adult can stay with him while you go on the ride with the rest of the guests. Start your day as soon as the amusement park opens to ensure a full, fun-packed day. Make sure each guest gets to take a turn on his favourite ride. Plan ahead--call the park to find out whether you can reserve space at one of the restaurants for a birthday meal and cake.

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