Unique Small Tattoo Ideas

Updated April 07, 2017

Small tattoos are a discreet way to enter the world of body modification. There are many areas on the body suited for placement of a unique, small tattoo, such as the back of the hand, wrist, ankle, foot, hairline and back of the neck. A small tattoo design needs to be simple enough to be recognisable even if the ink spreads.


Flowers--either a single bud or a small bunch of blooms--make excellent subjects for small tattoos. Be aware of the special meaning of each flower; for example, roses express love, while a lily expresses purity. You can combine different flowers to create a stronger message with multiple meanings. Flower tattoos can be created in colour or black, grey and white, and can be placed almost anywhere on the body.


At first, stars might seem like a common theme for small tattoos, but by combining them with delicate scrollwork or a particular placement pattern, this design becomes startlingly unique. A single star can be combined with a celestial or zodiac theme, or you can use several stars to create a constellation or name. You can make the stars appear as a cluster, with the meaning apparent to the wearer alone. Surround stars with elegant scrollwork to create a larger, more connected pattern.

Paw Prints

A paw print tattoo is an excellent idea for a pet lover, no matter what kind of pet you have. You can take an actual paw print from your pet using a nontoxic ink pad and some paper.The tattoo artist can use this to create a totally unique and realistic reminder of your pet. You also can use a stylised paw print tattoo. This type of tattoo has clean lines and can be created in either colour or grayscale to fit the most discreet, small tattoo area.

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