Farmer Costume Ideas

Updated July 20, 2017

If you need a quick, easy and comfortable costume for your Halloween party, a farmer costume may prove to be just the thing for you. After all, making a farmer costume requires cheap, comfortable, easy-to-get clothing. You can make the costume fun, cute or historically accurate, and you can find all the items that you'll need at your local thrift store or your own closet.

Typical Farmer

If you want a basic costume depicting a typical farmer, you can simply put on some denim bib overalls, a flannel shirt and scuffed work boots. Add a straw hat, and hang a red handkerchief from your back pocket. Good props for your farmer costume include a pitchfork and a stuffed pig. As a finishing touch, chew on a piece of straw, or put a corncob pipe in your mouth.

Modern Farmer

For this variation on the farmer theme, wear tight, faded jeans and a denim button-down shirt. Adding a billed cap with the name of your favourite brand of tractor, along with work boots, can help distinguish your character from a rancher or a cowboy. Hang a pair of work gloves from your back pocket.

Old-Time Farmer

Wear dark wool trousers with suspenders and a white, collarless button-down shirt. Put on some low-heeled boots (worn over the pant legs) and an old felt hat. Add a pipe and leather work gloves.

Farmer's Family

If you want to go to your Halloween party as a couple, dress the farmer's wife in an old house dress, an apron and some good, sturdy shoes. Put her hair up in a bun. An old-time farmer's wife costume requires a longer dress and a bonnet. The farmer's daughter can wear tight jeans or cut-off denim shorts. Add boots and a button-down shirt with the tails tied up. You even go with the Daisy Duke look by wearing pantyhose and high heels. A female version of the Modern Farmer costume also works.

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