Summer gift basket ideas

Updated July 20, 2017

During the summer months, giving a gift basket is a good choice for birthdays, a thank you, congratulations, get well wishes, an apology or a hostess gift. Decide what your budget will be for the basket and purchase items of different sizes to make an attractive basket. Consider the items you have chosen and pick a basket or container that they all fit into nicely. Be creative and choose items for the basket that the recipient will enjoy and use.


A visit to the beach, during summer, is quite common, and a beach theme gift basket is a good idea for a summer gift. This basket is also good for someone who enjoys the outdoors during the summer months. Use a sturdy straw beach bag or sand bucket and fill it with summer items. These gifts can include a beach towel, sunglasses, sun screen, aloe lotion, flip flops and tropical drink mixes.


Backyard barbecue parties are held during the summer, and bringing the hostess a barbecue gift basket is a nice gesture. A barbecue gift basket also makes a great Father's Day present and is ideal for that backyard Iron Chef celebrating a birthday. Choose a container like a galvanised tub or a cooler and fill it with barbecue-related items. Gift ideas can include barbecue sauce, a meat thermometer, grilling sauce, basting brush, cookbook, spatula, cedar planks, skewers, an apron and beer.

Ice Cream

Ice cream is enjoyed during the hot summer months and is a creative summer gift basket theme. Use a basket or empty ice cream carton and fill it with dessert serving ware and toppings. Items for the basket can include bags of candy, sprinkles, ice cream cones, fudge or caramel sauce, ice cream scooper, cherries, chopped nuts and ice cream serving bowls.

Summer Fruits

During the summer, there are many fruits that reach their peak. These fresh, in-season fruits make good summer gift basket filler. For the recipient who likes to eat healthy, a fruit basket is a nice way to say thank you, happy birthday or get well. Summertime fruits include strawberries, cherries, peaches, pears, plums, pineapple, raspberries, kiwi, mango, papaya, apples and watermelon.


For the person who loves sports, a summer gift basket can be based on golf or baseball. A golf gift basket can include golf balls, golf glove, a gift card for a driving range, golf tees, a golf book or magazine and snacks. A driving range wire golf ball basket makes a great holder for all the items. A baseball gift basket can include a baseball, baseball glove, tickets to a game, snacks and baseball cards.

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