Custom Painting Ideas for Large Trucks

Updated February 21, 2017

The beauty of custom paint jobs on vehicles is that it allows you to have a mobile canvas for your creativity. A large truck gives you even more space to customise and there are immense possibilities. You can stay classic with flames, do all over camouflage or two--tone or personalise with an image of something that really defines you or something or someone that means a lot to you. Be careful of getting ahead of yourself and trying to fill every centimetre of the truck because more often than not, it's not necessary.


Flames have been a very common design element in custom paint jobs and this is probably due to their versatility and all the ways flames can be incorporated into a truck's design. You can have realistic, all over flames that appear to engulf your truck or wispy flames coming out of the grill and extending about half way to the bed of the truck. Flames can be added on top of a truck's base paint without requiring a major paint colour change and because they can be done in any colour, you can add flames that are the perfect complement to your truck's colour.


You can paint your truck to appear to camouflage with any type of background or surrounding or the military fatigue commonly known by this name. Because a large truck has a larger surface than traditional sized trucks, what you do with the camouflage can really appear expansive. This can sometimes be a way to get a complete custom paint job without having too much going on which can happen when you have a large space to work with. For example, if you choose to make your truck camouflage with the night sky full of stars, your entire truck would be painted, but the only details would be stars and possibly a moon and your truck would not look as busy.


Two-toned colour is another custom painting idea because it is a simple and clean look for a truck, especially a large one. The only decisions that need to be make with this paint job are the two colours and how you would like each to blend into each other--fade from one colour to another, two solid stripes, having a crumbling effect into the other colour.

Personalised Image

Another option is to have a personalised image painted onto the truck, like a favourite pet, picture of a loved one that passed away or even the logo for a cause you support.

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