Color Options for the Mercedes Benz W108

Colour guide to match colours for printing image by Piter Pkruger from

Mercedes-Benz offered several colour options for their W108 vehicles. You could find a variety of hues that spanned the colour spectrum for the exterior and interior of the vehicle. There was also an option to have a regular or metallic finish to the exterior colour.

Knowing your options will help you decide the best colour for you.

Regular Exterior

There were several colours to choose from in the Mercedes-Benz W108. You could find it in black, white, pastel white, light ivory, papyrus white, maple yellow, yellow, Havana brown, tobacco brown, autumn beige and light beige. The grey options were Arabian grey, blue grey, anthracite grey, graphite grey, grey beige, beige grey and phantom grey. If blue or green is your preference, you can find it in dark green, dark olive, green, horizon blue, dark blue, light blue and blue. The red options were red, dark maroon, orient red, carnelian red, light red, dark red and signal red.

Metallic Exterior

Mercedes-Benz also offered exterior colours with a metallic finish. There were several different options. The blue and grey metallic-hued options were blue, medium blue, midnight blue, aqua blue, deep blue, anthracite grey, medium grey, silver grey, astral silver and grey blue. Moss green, silver green and pine green were the green options. The other options were light ivory, icon gold, Byzantine gold, glazing maroon, red, bronze brown, beige grey, beige, sand beige and copper.


There were a few interior colour options. You could choose from black, blue, palomino, parchment, green, cognac, mulberry bright red and dark brown.