Ideas for a Casablanca Movie Party

Updated April 17, 2017

Few party themes offer the allure of "Casablanca." The romance of 40s-era Morocco, the nightclub atmosphere, the piano music and the costumes all come together to create a memorable evening for film fans young and old. This theme lends itself well to screenings of the film, dinner parties, casino parties or trivia nights. Transport your guests and yourself back to Rick's bar with the right food, decor, costumes and entertainment.


Invite your friends for a costumed screening of "Casablanca." You can decorate the room like Rick's Cafe, complete with white table clothes, linen screens, beaded lamps and palm trees. Arrange the tables in a dinner theater-style arrangement, giving everyone a view of the screen. Though a projector and screen will offer the most authenticity, a DVD played on a big screen television will work as well. For food, choose from traditional movie food such as popcorn and movie candy, or try offering some Moroccan-style finger foods for your guests to nibble on during the film. Tapas, hummus or briouats, which are savoury Moroccan pastries filled with meats, shrimp or almonds are all good options.

Dinner Party

The "Casablanca" theme also offers itself well to memorable dinner parties. Again, re-create Rick's Cafe as closely as possible. Hiring a sharply dressed piano player to play favourites from the film is a great touch, or at least play some recorded music from the film if a piano player isn't available. Serve traditional Moroccan cuisine such as harira (a traditional Moroccan soup), lamb tagine (a hearty lamb and rice dish), couscous and bisteeya (a savoury Moroccan meat pie), followed by a serving of mint tea. Of course, martinis and champagne should also be available--or non-alcoholic substitutes. To create conversation and drama, consider assigning each guest a role from the film to portray throughout the night on their invitations.

Casino Night

A "Casablanca" casino night can offer excitement, drama and fun. Casino nights can make for great fundraisers, or if your guests aren't the gambling type, you can use play money either doled out evenly or awarded as prizes in an opening game of "Casablanca" trivia. Casino tables are available for rent in many areas, and you can hire or recruit several dealers to work the tables. You may also want to add a few bartenders and, of course, a piano player. Ask your guests to become a part of the theme by wearing costumes.

Trivia Night

For movie buffs, a costumed evening of "Casablanca" trivia is a fun, interactive way to spend an evening with friends. As with the other party ideas, decorate the room with influences from the film and serve Moroccan cuisine along with martinis, champagne and other libations along with some non-alcohol options. Trivia questions can be easily found online. If you choose, you can top the evening off with a screening of the film or project the film silently on the wall as a backdrop.

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