Birthday Gift Ideas for a Ten Year Old Boy

Updated February 21, 2017

Ten-year old boys are generally rowdy and playful. Gifts for boys this age should be durable, functional and be able to keep their interest. Little boys are social creatures so give them gifts that they can use by themselves or with a group of friends.

Water Toys

Give playful ten-year old boys water toys for outdoor play. Foam water guns vary from small hand held guns and larger high-pressure water guns. Give some water guns or water balloons to celebrate a boy's summer time birthday. Other water toys would be a slippery water slide for enjoying on a hot day. If he is a beach lover, give him a starter surfboard or a body board for playing in the waves.

Sports Equipment

Sports equipment is a good gift to give the active child. Surprise him with a basketball hoop and ball. Trampolines make a fun gift for the whole family. Stand up goals and some soccer balls will turn a backyard into a soccer field. Footballs, baseballs and baseball gloves are also good traditional gifts for boys.

Music Gifts

Music gifts are perfect for little boys. Present your child with a musical instrument like a guitar or some drums. Hire an instructor to teach your child how to play the instrument. Alternatively, give him a MP3 player or a CD player for his room. Give him some headphones to use with his music player. Prepay for a musical download card and include that with the gift. Your child can buy ten or twenty songs to start their play list.

Star Gazing

If your son is a stargazer, give him some equipment he can use at night. A telescope with a powerful lens would help him see the moon and nearby planets and stars. Give him a book of constellations showing him where to look. For some indoor star gazing, give him a night sky projector that shoots the constellations on to the ceiling of his bedroom.

Hobby Kits

Ten-year old boys love to build. Surprise your child with an erector set or a robot kit. Visit a hobby supply store for kits that include everything he needs to build his own creation. Hobby kits like model cars and planes are gifts that will keep him busy. A starter train set is a gift he will treasure.

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