Autumn Flowers List

Autumn does not signal the end of blooming flowers. There are a number of late-bloom plants that provide colour and fragrance to autumn gardens. Chrysanthemums, gladiolus and cockscombs all bloom in the fall. These autumn flowers will tolerate cooler temperatures and mild frosts.


Chrysanthemums will bloom in late summer until the first hard frost or freeze of late autumn. They are propagated by seeds, cuttings or plant divisions. Chrysanthemums are easy to care for with regular watering and fertilisation. They come in a wide variety of colours ranging from white to pink, purple to red and yellow to orange. The blossoms are typically rounded but a few varieties have flat, daisy like blooms.


Gladiolus are easy to care for flowers. They are propagated by corms: bulblike structures. Gladiolus are planted in the late spring for late summer through fall blooms. There is an enormous array of colours and colour combinations available. The only colour not available is blue. Gladiolus will die back after a hard freeze. Dig the bulbs to store over winter for use the next growing season.


Cockscomb is so named because many of the blooms resemble the comb of a rooster. There is one variety that appears feathery. Both come in bright red, pink, yellow and orange blooms. Cockscomb is an annual that is propagated by seed. It is best to start them in a greenhouse and transplant the seedlings into a flower bed. Cockscomb grows up to 3 feet tall.

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