How to Prune Dusty Miller Senecio Cineraria

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Dusty Miller, known botanically as Senecio cineraria, is a species of hardy garden annuals. While the plant does flower in the later spring with small, yellow blooms, it is primarily planted for its striking grey-green foliage that has a dusty surface and lacy texture. Though an annual, it can perform like a perennial in temperate climates. Pruning requirements are simple and minimal, but light maintenance pruning can extend the lifespan of the plant in mild climates.

Prune away dead foliage and stems in the spring that did not survive winter or look tattered. Take these portions of the plant down to the crown just above the soil, collecting and discarding the cuttings.

Pinch back the tips of new shoots throughout the growing season to keep the plant more dense and more bush-like. Pinch off down to the stem the end leaf or leaf pair just above the second leaf pair.

Deadhead spent flower stalks once they start to fade and look tattered. This will prevent the plant from going to seed. Snip the stalks at the base in between the foliage and pull them cleanly from the plant.

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