How to prune an Euphorbia Ascot Rainbow plant

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The Euphorbia x martinii "Ascot Rainbow" is a perennial succulent. Heat and drought tolerant, it is an ideal addition to your Mediterranean-style garden. The attractive variegated, cream, lime, green and pink flowers compliment its yellow-edged leaves each spring.

The plants are not large, growing to 50 cm (20 inches) tall by 50 cm (20 inches) in diameter. Ascot Rainbow needs very little pruning, but take care when you pinch back or deadhead the old flower stalks.

Put on the gloves. Many people are allergic to the milky sap of Euphorbia plants; do not touch it.

Pinch back new growth by one half three weeks after planting. Avoid pinching off all the new leaves.

Prune spent flower stems with pruning shears when new buds appear on the crown. Cut back to the new growth. Dispose of cuttings by placing in rubbish bags and then in the dustbin.