How to prune Russian vines

Photo: Flickr: blumenbiene, via Compfight

Russian vines, or silver lace vines as they are often called, are vertical climbing vines that grow vigorously. They can grow up to 4.57 m (15 feet) in one year. Russian vine is a perennial and is used in beds and borders and is ideal for screen cover. The vine has white or light pink flowers in summer and fall.

Because the vine grows vigorously, you must prune it regularly and vigorously to maintain control over its growth.

Cut the vine down to the ground level in early spring with pruning shears. This encourages new growth and promotes a healthy start for the new growing season.

Trim back the top one-third of the vines as they become overgrown past your trellis or other support system periodically throughout the year using pruning shears.

Cut back the top one-third of old or mature stems late in the season with pruning shears. Trim out any dead, diseased or damaged stems at the end of the growing season.