Modern Wedding Ceremony Music Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

The appropriate music selection for modern wedding ceremonies helps the flow of the wedding ceremony and enables guests to relax and enjoy themselves, making the ceremony more memorable for everyone. Your music selection will depend on the location you choose for your ceremony. A list of music ideas for a modern wedding ceremony follows.

Wedding Ceremony Location

Certain locations you choose for your wedding reception will limit your music selection. For example, religious venues such as Catholic and Christian churches may not allow you to play music that addresses non-Christian beliefs and/or behaviours. Other locations may limit your use of live instruments and only permit prerecorded music to be played. Before selecting any music, check with the site you have chosen to hold your ceremony to ensure that restrictions will not be placed on the music you can play at the ceremony. If you can indeed play live music, then you may want to consider an acoustic guitarist and singer, string instruments, and/or a harpist. These choices blend nicely with modern wedding ceremonies and are quite memorable. If you are only able to play prerecorded music during the ceremony, then choose songs that are meaningful to both you and your spouse-to-be.

Wedding Song Selection

Choosing songs to play during your wedding ceremony that represent the love you and your spouse share is key. It may not be a good idea to play loud rock music, but a tasteful acoustic version of the rock song may be appropriate. The most appropriate places to play music are when guests begin to arrive (the prelude), when the bride and bridal party walk down the aisle (the processional), during the ceremony, right after the bride and groom exchange vows, or during the lighting of a unity candle, and after the bride and groom and wedding party exit the church (the recessional).

Prelude Song Recommendations

When choosing music to include in your modern wedding ceremony, it is important to select for the prelude love songs that are enjoyable and well known. This will establish a good atmosphere for your guests.

Wedding Songs Galore suggests many different songs to play at a contemporary wedding, including "Endless Love," "Have I Told You Lately," and "Through the Eyes of Love." You may also want to consider selecting popular love songs such as "At Last," "Your Song," and "Baby I Love Your Way."

Processional Song Recommendations

Music used in your processional should include slow, soft, heartfelt love songs. You can still choose songs that are well known, but it is important to choose music that is meaningful to you as a couple. It should be easy to walk down the aisle to your song selection.

According to Plan Your Wedding Ceremony, popular contemporary songs to include in your processional include "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," "What a Wonderful World," and "Unforgettable."

Ceremony Song Recommendations

If you decide to light a unity candle or perform another symbolic act representing joining together as a married couple, then music can add to this experience. Choosing a "soft" love song is best during the ceremony. Plan Your Wedding Ceremony suggests playing appropriate popular contemporary songs, including "Can't Help Falling in Love," "Come What May," and "You're Beautiful."

Recessional Song Recommendations

Upbeat, fun songs can be used during your recessional because your marriage is a celebration and should be reflected in your music choice. According to Wedding Music Help, popular songs used during recessionals include "Walking on Sunshine," "All You Need Is Love," and "Chapel of Love."

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