80th birthday gift ideas for mothers

Updated July 20, 2017

While all birthdays are special, your mother's birthday is one you will always want to remember. If your mother is celebrating 80 years of life, give her a grand 80th birthday gift to show your love, appreciation and admiration. Give your mother an 80-themed birthday gift or a gift of memories to show your mother how much you honour her long life.

Birth Year Memorabilia

Search antique stores or online to purchase memorabilia to celebrate your mother's birth year. If you are unsure of your mother's year of birth, simply subtract 80 from the present year. So, for example, if your mother is turning 80 in 2010, look for memorabilia from 1930. Dated memorabilia items can include books, magazines and newspapers. Other memorabilia gifts might include antique clothing, records, photos, paintings and jewellery.

Visit from Old Friend

Few things warm the heart of the older generation more than visits from old friends. Get in touch with your mother's childhood or early adulthood friends and arrange a visit. Search old yearbooks, church directories, club membership rosters and even online social networking sites to find your mother's old friends. But remember, keep the visit a surprise.

80 Golden Dollars

Everyone appreciates a gift of money. Take £52 to your local bank and ask to exchange it for 80 golden dollars. Although golden dollars aren't really gold (the U.S. Mint lists copper, zinc, manganese and nickel as alloy components of the Sacagawea Golden Dollar), they are still beautiful as well as negotiable.

80 Pink Roses

If your mother loves flowers, particularly roses, she will love a large bouquet of 80 pink roses. Pink roses, according to the, are a symbol of elegance and grace as well as admiration, appreciation and joyfulness---undoubtedly the perfect description of your feelings toward your mother.

80 Birthday Cards

Despite the popularity of e-greetings, real paper birthday cards are still loved and appreciated, especially by the older generation. Purchase 80 birthday cards and have your mother's friends and family members sign a note in them. Or, ask 80 of her friends and family members to mail her a card before her birthday. To find 80 people who know your mother, contact relatives, church members, former co-workers and classmates, neighbours and friends.

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