Christmas gift ideas for an 11-year-old boy

Updated February 21, 2017

Tween boys are sensitive about the gifts they receive, especially at Christmas. Almost teens but not children, they like getting gifts that are a little on the mature side but are still fun to play with. You will probably need lots of batteries for an 11-year-old's Christmas presents, because he enjoys electronics. Shop around to get some good deals on electronic toys and gifts for your child.

Constellation displays

Science is an interesting subject for most tween boys. Give him a constellation display that projects the night sky onto the ceiling of his room. It should rotate and change positions to reflect the changing of the seasons. Some constellation displays come in the shape of a globe that can be interacted with through touch.

Model cars

Eleven-year-old boys like putting together detailed projects. Model cars, boats and planes make good subjects for these projects. Buy him a kit that contains everything he needs, including paints and glue. Read the box carefully to insure that all the necessary components are inside. If not, you will need to supplement it so he can enjoy the project on Christmas day.

Sports equipment

Sports equipment is a classic gift to give. Footballs, basketballs and rugby balls make active gifts kids can use with parents and friends. A basketball hoop or football goal would also make a good gift that can be used in the driveway or the garden.


Skateboarding is a popular activity for this age group. Give your child a nice skateboard with a colourful paint job. Include a skating helmet, knee and elbow pads to keep him safe. Alternatively, step scooters make good gifts for boys this age too.

Gaming systems

There are many gaming systems that boys love. Choose a gaming system that connects easily to your child's television. Include some games that reflect his interests like hunting, sports or role-playing. Gaming accessories are often included in these systems but always read the fine print.

Music players

Music players make good gifts for boys this age. CD players are gifts he can use in his room. Include a couple of CDs and some headphones to his present. Portable CD players are popular too. He can carry his music everywhere he goes. Also consider giving him an MP3 player or iPod. They come with headphones, but you may need to buy him some music to download to his MP3 player.


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