'70s Glam Costumes

Updated April 17, 2017

The 1970s was a decade of fashion extremes. Glam rock broke new boundaries with the advent of unisex clothing, platform boots and glamour, glitz and outrageous make-up for all, with musical style icons such as David Bowie and Freddie Mercury leading the way. Search thrift stores and vintage clothing stores for suitable items to use for a glam '70s costume. Accessorise liberally with plenty of glitter.


Flared or bell-bottomed trousers form the basis of a '70s glam costume for both men and women. These trousers should be worn very tight at the top with wide flared legs and be a little short to show off your outrageous footwear. Shirts and tops should be tight-fitting also. Bright colours and psychedelic patterns were popular. Alternatively, wear a Lycra jumpsuit or any sequinned or glittery piece of clothing. Sparkly flared catsuits were popular for women, preferably with a halter neck.


Platform boots or shoes are a must for a '70s glam outfit for both men and women. Look for platforms in silver or bright colours, with glitter if possible. Try adding some spray glitter to customise plain shoes. Search thrift stores for vintage footwear, or buy platform boots online from costume stores. Tight-fitting knee-length platform boots work well when worn with short skirts.


Accessorise your outfit with any item you can find that is glittery or sparkly. Feather boas in coordinating colours work well. Often men from the '70s added a feminine touch with feathers, which helped create the cross-gender style. Look for glittery tiaras, gloves or scarves. Tie a long scarf to your wrist or wear it around your head like a bandanna. Leopard print items also suit this style.


Heavy make-up adds the final touch to a glam costume for both men and women. Look online at pictures of artists like David Bowie and Marc Bolan for inspiration. Make-up often included dramatic elements such, as lightning flashes. Wear heavy eyeliner and mascara and plenty of lip gloss. Hair should be long and untamed for both men and women--wear a wig if necessary.

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