What Is a Good Thing to Get a Boy for His 15th Birthday?

Updated April 17, 2017

A boy's 15th birthday is an important stepping stone in his teenage years. By now, he's old enough to consider himself an official teenager, but still young enough to appreciate creative, imaginative gifts. The ideal birthday gift acknowledges how much the birthday boy has grown and changed over the years.


Most teenage boys view gadgets as an essential part of life. Check with the birthday boy's parents to see what he already owns and what items are allowable. Memorable gifts include MP3 players, phones or hand-held video game systems. Compact laptops or netbooks are also useful and entertaining gifts for 15-year-olds. For more affordable gifts, purchase extras and upgrades for existing gadgets. For instance, buy a gaming mouse for his computer or a headset for his phone.


Many 15-year-old boys are just starting to choose a personal style, so fashion accessories make interesting gifts. Call his parents for more ideas, and look for basic and masculine designs. A messenger bag or laptop carrying case helps a busy high school student stay organised. Wristbands, watches and wallets are creative gifts that add style and usefulness to any outfit. If you know the birthday boy's shoe size, pick out a pair of trendy new sneakers.

Room Decor

Since most teenagers still live at home but love to express themselves, gifts for bedroom decor are always welcome. For a 15-year-old boy, focus on decor that is both fun and functional. Purchase an indoor basketball hoop, dartboard, a gaming chair to enhance his video game experience or a framed poster of his favourite band or movie. Look for a creative alarm clock or a miniature fridge to store snacks and sodas. Check with the teen's parents before finalising any room decor ideas.


Encourage the birthday boy's hobbies or interest, or spark a whole new hobby with a creative birthday gift. A new skateboard, snowboard or mountain bike are major splurges that are sure to delight any 15-year-old boy. For an artist, buy an illustration or graphic design software. For a musician, a new guitar or accessories, such as picks, strings and a guitar stand, are appropriate. New hiking and camping gear encourages a love of the outdoors.

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