The Best Ways to Take Off Security Tags

Updated April 17, 2017

A security tag is a small plastic item placed on clothing to ward off theft from a store. If you have the frustrating misfortune to get home and realise the tag was never removed from your purchase, you'll need a way to get the annoying tag off. There are a number of ways to go about this, all of which are relatively painless.


Breaking the security tag off the garment is risky, as the clothing could tear, but it can be done. You need to break off the plastic pyramid portion of the tag, using a screwdriver or razor. Then, break the metal lock that was under the pyramid, and slip the needle from the clothing, completely removing the tag.


If you have access to a tag remover at home, you can use it yourself to take the tag off. This might be the case if you run some sort of shop yourself, or perhaps if you have a friend who is a shopkeeper and has the appropriate equipment on hand.

Return to Store

If all else fails, return to the store where you bought the garment. A clerk there should be able to easily and quickly remove the tag for you. Bring your receipt along with you along with the garment, so you're not accused of stealing the item.

Send it Back

If you ordered the garment online and had it delivered through the mail, you can send it back to get the security tag removed. Many online retailers have a process in place for returns to be made free of charge. Call or go online to get the policy for the particular retailer you're dealing with.

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