How to Get the Ball Out of a Roll-On Bottle

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Roll-on bottles can be made out of metal, glass or plastic, and they are most commonly used to hold perfume, deodorant or cosmetic products. After the product has run out you may want to remove the roll-on ball to reuse the bottle. Unfortunately, you can't pull out the ball with just your hands, as it is securely held in place to ensure that none of the product leaks. To remove the ball, you just need a few common items.

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Gently hold the middle of the roll-on bottle with one hand. If the bottle still contains some liquid, you may want to hold it over a sink.

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Squeeze the handles of the pliers so that the tips of the pliers grasp around the plastic base that holds the roll-on ball. While still gripping the base, slowly move the pliers from left to right to loosen up the base. When it feels loose enough carefully pull the pliers upwards to remove the plastic base and the roll-on ball.

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Turn the roll-on ball upside-down so that you are looking through the bottom of the plastic base. Push the underside of the roll-on ball with the ballpoint pen until it pops out of the base.

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