Preschool Stop Sign Craft

Written by sarah freeman
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Preschool Stop Sign Craft
Showcase the importance of road signs with preschool stop sign crafts. (Thinkstock/Comstock/Getty Images)

Even though preschoolers have a long time to go before they start driving, it's important to teach these youngsters about the meaning of stop signs and why they must be obeyed. You can share this lesson with preschoolers by leading them in stop sign crafts. From recycled papers to potatoes, there are a variety of materials and ideas you can use to create stop sign crafts.

Recycled Stop Sign

Teach your preschooler about the importance of road signs, as well as recycling, with a stop sign craft project. Collect materials that have already been used for something else, including scrap paper, paper plates and cardboard tubes. Cut the scrap paper into an octagon, and ask the child to colour it red. Use other scrap paper materials to write out the word "Stop" in the middle of the red octagon. Help the child tape or glue the shape onto a paper plate and cut around the edges. Glue the paper plate on the cardboard tube to complete the stop sign on its post.

Watercolours and Crayons

Show the magic of wax repelling water to your preschooler with a stop sign craft. With the child by your side, use a red crayon to draw a stop sign's octagon shape on a piece of paper. Write the word "Stop" in the centre with the crayon. Ask the child to colour in the shape with red watercolour paint, and watch as the wax crayon repels the paint. Let the preschooler experiment with this art method by using crayons to draw a car or road and colouring it in with watercolour paints.

Stop and Go

Homemade stop signs can be used in a variety of games, and they can be a way to give directions to a group of preschoolers. Give the child a stop sign cut out from a piece of paper, and ask her to colour it in red. Also provide a circular shape that says "Go," and ask her to colour it green. Show the preschooler how to glue the signs to the top of tongue depressors. Use the signs to play Stop and Go. The stop sign can also serve as a way for the preschoolers to learn when to slow down during class or playtime.

Potato Stamp

Help your preschooler remember what a stop sign looks like by experimenting with a stamp made from a potato. Begin by slicing a potato in half. Carve an octagon shape into the open face of the spud, and cut away the rest of the potato surrounding the shape. Place some red paint on a plate. Show your preschooler how to dip the potato in the paint and stamp it on a paper to make the stop sign shape again and again.

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