Glass bottle-cutting machines

Written by lawrence koenig | 13/05/2017
Glass bottle-cutting machines
Bottle-cutting machines are affordable and will help you transform your bottles into lasting artwork. (Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images)

Bottle cutting is a fun and rewarding hobby that allows you to recycle old bottles into something more useful, such as a drinking glass or tumbler. The key to doing so successfully is finding the right equipment that will help you complete the bottle's transformation safely and quickly without a great deal of mess or accidents. Find out more about bottle cutting machines and how you can use them to make your own wonderful crafts.


By far the most common bottle cutting machine on the market is the Armour Bottle and Jar Cutter, which is available at most sundry superstores and craft suppliers. The Armour bottle and jar cutter is unique in the sense that its cutting mechanism is a floating head and can accommodate the most curvy or uniquely shaped bottles cutting an even edge. They come with two cutting wheels, a glass taper, an adjustment wedge and five glass sanding sheets, plus a 24-page reference guide.

Generation Green Glass Cutter

Marketed as an ideal way to recycle items that would otherwise go to waste, the Generation Green Glass Cutter helps anyone recycle glass bottles and other thrift store items, such as old glass lamps into beautiful glasses or even wind chimes. The Generation Green Bottle Cutter is much simpler than the Amour version and requires the user to attach the cutter to the bottle itself. Still, it can accommodate all sorts of shapes and makes bottle cutting a rewarding and simple pastime all for less than thirty dollars retail.

Ephrem's Bottle Works

For those who are a bit more serious about bottle cutting and have a great many bottles they would like to transform, then Ephrem's bottle cutting machine may be ideal for you. With a flat, sturdy design, the bottle lays on its side and is rotated over a glass etching blade on three casters. With an adjustable base, you can cut bottles into whatever length you would like. This all-American product made out of high-quality cold-rolled steel and powder coated for a long-lasting finish turns out bottles year after year. Although slightly more expensive than the other brands mentioned, it is a worthy investment for the serious hobbyist.

Budsky Bottle Kit

Although not readily available in the U.S., the Budsky Bottle Cutting Kit is an inexpensive way to cut bottles. This simply designed bottle cutter is made so that the top of the cutter rests upon the bottle's lips and can be spun around the bottle until the etching process is finished and the bottle can then be heated with a candle, cooled, and then broken to form a glass. The Budsky Bottle Company sells many of these kits to families and communities seeking to make use of the wasted glass in their communities and give employment to local community members. Visit their home page for more information.

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