How to Decarbonate Soda

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De-carbonate your bottled soda without making it flat and stale, or having it squirt all over the place when opened. Some people prefer to drink decarbonated sodas because of either sensitivity to the carbonation in soft drinks, or just their distaste in regards to the way it feels when consumed. There is an option for these types of people, so that they can enjoy their favourite sodas without all of the bubbly fizz. There are no special tools needed, or even basic knowledge of chemistry needed, in order to remove your soda's carbonation in less than five minutes.

Unscrew the cap from the top of the bottled soda, then take a sip of the drink, or pour out a sip's worth down your sink. You will need a minimal amount of airspace for completing the de-carbonation process.

Squeeze the sides of the soda bottle until the liquid reaches the very top, then replace the cap tightly. Make sure that you leave only as little air in the bottle as possible during this first attempt, before putting the cap back on.

Shake the bottle vigorously, until it takes on its original shape. Shaking the contents of the bottle, with as little air as possible, will decarbonate the liquid, without causing it to spray when opened.

Remove the cap from the top of the bottle and enjoy your decarbonated soda. The ratio of decarbonated to flat taste will depend on the amount of air that was left in the bottle before shaking. Repeat the process with other soda bottles until you find the perfect amount of air to get the decarbonated taste you desire.

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