Sitting Games for the Elderly

Updated April 17, 2017

Though elderly folks sometimes may have difficulty getting around and are not quite as spry as they used to be, they still enjoy learning new things, having fun and social contact. Playing games stimulates the memory, helps cognition, reduces stress and lifts spirits. Take an afternoon or an evening and join your friends for a variety of games.

Board Games

Board games are often a favourite with elderly people, with the opportunity to socialise with friends and stimulate the competitive spirit. Boost your word power with games such as Scrabble, Bananagrams and Buzzword. Mah Jongg is a competitive and enjoyable game for both men and women. Old standbys like draughts and chess are a way to spend a few hours. Get out Monopoly and Sorry and enjoy some bonding time with your grandchildren.

Card Games

Many elderly people enjoy playing card games, and a deck of cards is generally close by in a drawer. A stimulating game of Bridge can make the hours pass quickly with your social foursome. Other games like Canasta, Cribbage and Go Fish are fun to share with friends. Gather up your pennies and a few friends and play some Poker with a choice of either Seven-Card Stud, Texas Hold'em or Omaha.

Memory Games

Have everyone bring a picture of himself from younger years and pin it on a large board. Everyone has the opportunity to guess which person matches each picture. Also encourage your friends to bring pictures of family members and past events, along with other memorabilia while taking a trip down memory lane.

Make up your own trivia game. Everyone playing the game should come prepared with at least 20 questions about history, movies and art -- each written on different cards. Someone reads the question, and the first person to raise her hand gets to answer the question.

Have two bowls set up and have everyone write down the best and worst piece of advice he was ever given, and then put his answers in the appropriate bowl. Appoint someone to be the judge for each category. This not only jogs the memory but is also a learning experience.

Video Games

Online video games are not just for kids. If you want to stay occupied while you are alone, sit back and try one of a variety of suitable online games. Play Solitaire and Sudoku as well as Bejeweled, Wurdle and Cup O' Joe; you'll enjoy hours of relaxation and stimulation. If you feel competitive, join other people from around the world who are playing the same game and test your skills against them.


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