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How to Have a Triangle Foot Tickle

Updated February 21, 2017

If you're tired of all the normal gossip, and bored out of your gourd with board games, you might want to try a triangle foot tickle. The triangle foot tickle is one way that good friends can challenge each other and still make everyone laugh.

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  1. Gather three friends together. Make sure everyone has stopped at the bathroom before you begin. Place each person in a sitting position with her legs extended so that they form one side of a triangle. Make sure each person is in easy reach of one set of feet.

  2. Decide ahead of time on the rules, such as whether rib tickling is allowed in the game or whether just the feet can be tickled. Decide if each person must stick to the feet closest or whether you can tickle anyone's feet that you can reach, and also determine whether the participants should wear socks or be barefoot.

  3. Bind each person's feet together with a scarf or other soft material. This should be tight enough to keep them close but not so tight that you stop the blood circulation.

  4. Begin the fun. Each person starts to tickle the other person's feet. The object is to keep going until someone begs for mercy and wants to quit. Be careful, though. The laughter is contagious and you may run out of breath laughing.

  5. Gang up on one guy. If the person farthest from the victim can reach the feet of the other, both of you can force the victim to scream uncle between laughs.

  6. Warning

    Clear the area of sharp corners and other objects that could cause harm if someone bumped into them. Check the health of each party participating to make certain that the extra exertion doesn't cause harm to their system. Asthmatics should always have their inhaler close at hand when they do a triangle foot tickle.

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