Games for Tens and Units

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Games for Tens and Units
Play tens and units games with your kids to help them learn basic math. (Digital Vision/Photodisc/Getty Images)

Many children struggle to understand the concept of units when learning how to count and how to perform basic mathematical functions. Math games are a fun and easy way to help children learn about units. Encourage your children or students to play tens and units games online or gather them together at home or in the classroom to play games together.

Shark Numbers

This online game offered by ICT Games is a simple computer game that helps children to recognise two-digit numbers based on the units of which they are composed. Players are given a number of green blocks piled in tens units and single units in addition to a pool of numbers from which to choose. Players must count the units and select the correct number from the pool, and if they are wrong, the sharks will take a bite out of the player's surfboard. Once the surfboard is completely destroyed, the game is over. This game is perfect for young children because it requires only the most basic computer skills to play.

Tens and Units Coloring Game

This game is simple to create for home or classroom use. Simply draw a series of squares and rectangles on a sheet of blank paper. In each square write a two-digit number and in the rectangles write down the tens and units used to make up each of the two-digit numbers you used. For example, you might write the number 19 in a square and then write "one ten and nine units" in one of the rectangles. Give the children an assortment of crayons and coloured pencils and ask them to colour in the boxes, using the same colour for each corresponding square and rectangle.

Gumball Game

Fill a large jar with gumballs or some other kind of hard candy and array a set of smaller jars in front of you. Gather the children around and let them watch as you divide the large jar of gumballs into the smaller jars. Place a different number of gumballs in each jar and, when finished, have the children count up the gumballs in each jar by dividing them into tens and units. Once the total for a jar has been determined, write that number down and, once all of the totals have been reached, add them together to find out how many gumballs were in the large jar.

Dino Place Value

Another online game created by ICT Games called Dino Place Value is a great game to help children learn how to recognise two-digit numbers as tens and units. Play begins with a two-digit number displayed in red below the tip of a volcano. Players are given an assortment of numbers to choose from including two tens units, 10 and 20, and 9 single units from 1 to 9. Players must click on the correct ten unit and the right number of single units to make up the number in red. When the correct answer is given, the lava explodes out of the top of the volcano and the dinosaur says "Well done!"

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