Ornamental Crafts Made of Horseshoes

Written by brooke bowers | 13/05/2017
Ornamental Crafts Made of Horseshoes
Use old horseshoes to add a rustic look to your crafts. (Hemera Technologies/AbleStock.com/Getty Images)

Horses have to have their shoes replaced fairly often, so farmers and farriers will likely have a few lying around their stables. Though these shoes may be unsuitable for a horse's hoof, they are sturdy enough to be used in many craft projects. Use horseshoe crafts to decorate your home in a country-like style.

Hand-Painted Coasters

Bring the kids in on this activity to create unusual and colourful coasters for your coffee table. Supply the kids with a variety of acrylic paint and paintbrushes. Lay down a plastic or canvas dust sheet to prevent damage to your furniture.

Allow each child to express her creativity by painting her own horseshoe. For additional personality, lay out glitter and stickers for your children to use while decorating. Once the shoes have dried, paint the child's name on the curved top of the shoe and hot-glue a piece of cork to the back for a sturdy and ornamental coaster.

Kitchen Caddy

Use clean horseshoes to create an ornamental kitchen caddie that can be both decorative and functional. Weld two horseshoes vertically with a gap in between on top of another horseshoe laid horizontally on the table. These shoes will serve as a napkin holder. Weld 2-inch metal rings onto the outer side of one horseshoe to hold salt and pepper shakers. Use the nail holes in the horizontal shoe to attach the piece to a wooden board for easier carrying. Use this caddie as a table ornament during special meals, rather than everyday dinners, to keep it looking nice.

Dream Catcher

Create a personalised dream catcher from an old horseshoe and some clear fishing line. Paint the horseshoe with acrylic paints to match your decor or your personal preferences. String a metal coat hanger through the top nail holes in the horseshoe and create a small loop at the top. Unravel a large length of the fishing line and thread it randomly through the holes and around the shoe to create an intricate pattern on the interior of the horseshoe. Hot-glue feathers or string beads onto the line for added decoration. For extra authenticity, use leather lacing inside the horseshoe.

Horseshoe Planters

Use your horseshoes outdoors by making a hanging planter for your potted plants. Create the bottom of your planter by welding together two horizontal horseshoes side-by-side so they lay flat on a table. Repeat with another pair of horseshoes. Weld another shoe vertically to the inside shoe of each pair so that the curve of the horseshoe is attached to the innermost prongs. Weld another horizontal shoe to each prong of the vertical horseshoe. Finish it off with another vertical shoe, this one with the curve pointed away from the rest of the body. Drill holes along the body of the planter, ensuring that it sits flat on the wall. Place potted plants on the inside of the horizontal shoes and display your ornamental planter in your garden.

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