Fun Things to Do at a High School Reunion

Updated July 19, 2017

A high school reunion is a time to reflect on the past, reminisce, laugh over funny stories and cry with old friends. Being on the high school reunion planning committee can be a rewarding challenge. Mix good old memories with innovative ideas to create fun things to do at a high school reunion.


Plan a dance as part of the reunion. Decorations could reflect the school colours or the theme of your senior prom or homecoming dance. The music should consist of tunes from the year or era of graduation. Mix in some more recent hits. Make a list of the committee's "top ten" songs of that era to give to your disc jockey as a guide.

Crown a new king and queen of the prom. Try to give the same style of crown or award given to the original class king and queen. Let the prom king and queen and the reunion king and queen dance together to a popular song.

Memory Wall

Create a "Memory Wall" of pictures from the high school days along with recent photos for a high school reunion. The year book will be wonderful resource for old pictures. Obtain snap shots, videos and colour slides of classmates and teachers to display. Make a slide show of pictures that can be projected on a screen as part of the entertainment. Make the show available for purchase, or, if funds are available, give them out in a gift bag for each member of your class. Canvas local merchants to see if they would like to include a small token for each of the class members.

The Memory Wall could also include an enlarged picture of the class ring. Pictures of faculty members along with short quotes from them also make good additions. Try to include funny photos such as the class president with his tongue sticking out or a faculty member wearing a silly hat.

Special Speakers

Have one or more speakers tell funny stories about incidents dating back to the school days. Someone could conduct a "Remember Quiz." An example could be, "Who was the boy that got caught smoking in the girl's changing room?" or "Who was the lead at the school play?"

Special speakers can also include alumni who have made particularly interesting accomplishments or have had interesting experiences. Have the speaker include funny jokes and references to people from the graduating class.

Other Fun Things to Do at a Hight School Reunion

There are many fun things to do at a high school reunion. Create a "Walk Through Time" video presentation. List things that exist today that did not exist at the time of graduation. For instance, cell phones, GPS, and space flights may have been invented since the time of graduation. Consider including home appliances, features on cars and texting or e-mail.

Create a logo for the reunion that incorporates the school name and the year of graduation and the current year. Make T-shirts that can be purchased and make other items that feature the logo such as key chains or pencils.

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